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  Ebenezer stone story


When you turn onto the Harvest House Church property, you will notice a beautifully handcrafted wood sign which displays the church logo. Right next to it is a magnificent 8-ton stone which we have called our “Ebenezer Stone”.   



   While preaching through the Old Testament book of First Samuel over the Summer of 2020, Pastor George spoke to the church family about a series of miraculous breakthroughs which the nation of Israel experienced over their mortal enemies, the Philistines, under the spiritual leadership of the great prophet named Samuel. In chapter 7 and verse 12, the prophet directed them to erect a large stone, which he called “Ebenezer”, as a memorial to the fact that “Thus far the Lord has helped us!”.

    Our church is on the Harvest House property for one reason above all others: the Holy Spirit, “The Helper” of John 14, has miraculously guided us to this wonderful place and He deserves to be praised - and remembered - for how He has so powerfully Helped us in our journey as a local church ministry.So Pastor began to pray and to believe God for a miracle: that Harvest House would be able to have her very own “Ebenezer Stone” memorial in place before we launched on January 10th, 2021.

  However, in researching the cost of such a stone, Pastor George quickly discovered that the stone alone-if we could ever locate one- would cost tens of thousands of dollars and that does not factor in the cost of moving such a stone from one place to another! Any hope of attaining such an item now seemed impossible. BUT GOD SPECIALIZES IN THE IMPOSSIBLE!


     In early August of 2020, a rare sequence of tornados visited Delaware. The first one arrived on Tuesday morning, August 4th, and on its long journey from southern Delaware northward, it turned directly into the Harvest House Property


     While the building structures and the occupants were spared any damage and injury, many large trees fell on the property- eventually clearing a great deal of space at the entrance of the property.

     Three days later, on Friday, August 7th,  another series of tornados struck in northern Delaware. During that event, a 16,000 pound rock fell from an elevated position some 100 feet in the air and landed on some train tracks. Little did we know how the Lord had orchestrated these two events to leverage a very special miracle for us.


        On Tuesday, September 29th, 2020 - exactly eight weeks after the tornado had visited the Harvest House- the Spirit spoke to Pastor George at 3:30 pm while he was parked in his car across the street from the property, waiting for some tree removal contractors, who were currently blocking access to the church entrance, to finish up so he could gain access. While praying, he began to look at that now newly cleared-out area near the entrance when his thoughts went back to the dream of an Ebenezer Stone. He began to envision what that would look like - when suddenly, the Spirit of God spoke clearly to him and told him to call a man named Mark North, a contractor who had done some work for the church on a sign nearly 10 years earlier, saying, “Call Mark North now”. Pastor was so startled at this seemingly random word from God that he hesitated and questioned if he had really just “heard” that. Then the Lord said it one more time, even more emphatically, “Call Mark North NOW!”. There was no more hesitating!

       Now Pastor had saved Mark’s cell number from his earlier business interaction with him, and so he made that call. When Mark answered the phone, Pastor George proceeded to explain to him about the story in I Samuel and how that God had challenged him months earlier to believe Him for an “Ebenezer Stone” for the new church. Then pastor said to Mark, “I believe YOU are supposed to find us this Ebenezer Stone, Mark!”. After chuckling for a moment, Mark started running the thought through his mind and remembered seeing some stones minutes before in north Wilmington that he believed he might have access to. But after turning around and investigating the possibility, Mark reached back out to Pastor on Wednesday, September 30th in the early afternoon to let him know that there was nothing available there but that he would continue to search.

      Several hours following that exchange, Mark received a call that would soon bring him to tears. A contractor friend of his called him up - unprompted and unsolicited by Mark- and asked him the most amazing question. It seems that a large stone had fallen during the August tornado in Wilmington, and it was his responsibility to move the stone. Then he asked Mark this question: “Would you happen to have the need for a large stone?!?”

     When Mark called Pastor with this story-and a picture that his contractor friend had sent to him- he concluded by saying, “Pastor, in all my years as a contractor, this has never happened to me. I’m literally sitting here crying. HE ASKED ME IF I NEEDED A STONE!”


      It took nearly three and a half months, but on Wednesday, January 6th, 2021, our “Ebenezer Stone” was delivered and installed to the left of our new sign - at no cost to the church! Those who were present, rejoiced at the miracle they had just witnessed and we prayed a very special prayer of dedication right on the spot- with Mark North, his son Jack, and several others joining in!


     Our very first Sunday morning service was conducted four days later and there could have been no more powerful reminder given to us all of the power, goodness and greatness of the God we serve! And may we never forget this truth: There is literally NOTHING too hard for our God! For He is still the God of Miracles- and HE STILL MOVES STONES!



“And the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock” (Matthew 7:25)

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