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    The Liberty Church launched in September of 1993 and was established in the Glasgow High School in Newark, Delaware where we soon ministered to hundreds of people every week through an array of children, teen and adult ministries.

     Within one year of our beginning, we found a farmland property in Bear, Delaware which we were able to place under contract. Within two years, we outright owned that beautiful eight-acre property and then worked and prayed tirelessly to develop our very own church facility there.

     That dream became a reality less than six years after we had our very first service! In January of 1999, we moved into our brand new 10,000 square foot church home. Then only a few short years later, we built an additional 5,000 square foot Youth Center with another 40,000 square feet of future expansion approved by New Castle County! The Lord was on the move at Liberty!

    But God works in mysterious ways! Through a series of amazing events, it became evident to both the leadership and congregation that the Lord had a greater plan than anything we could have envisioned earlier in our ministry development projections. As a result, we were soon contemplating a radical strategy which would involve selling the entire church property in order to relocate to a more visible location to better reach Delaware community for Christ as well as to enable us to potentially become debt-free relative to both our current mortgage as well as our future property. Little did our congregation realize how dramatically God was about to answer those prayers and fulfill those Spirit-led objectives when we voted unanimously in February of 2017 to pursue what we now called “Liberty 2.0”.

  The months immediately following this decision were difficult and challenging in so many ways. We showed the property to dozens of churches from all over the tri-state area but though many wanted to buy it, none of them could secure the needed financing. We finally received and accepted a full offer from a church in June of 2017. Unfortunately, this church would end up taking us all the way to the very last day of their due-diligence clause. On September 12th, they backed out of our contract and we were suddenly without a buyer, without any prospects and in desperate need for a miracle.

   Fortunately, we serve the God of miracles! But the most important miracles of all came to the Pastor and his wife as they had a God-ordained encounter with the Holy Spirit in July of that summer of 2017 - and their lives were changed forever as a result. The miracles that unfolded after the contract falling through in September are too numerous to recount but without any doubt came as the direct result of their renewed relationship with the Holy Spirit. By November of 2017, God had brought together Liberty Church and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP Lodge #5) from New Castle, Delaware. This organization had been saving dues for over 40 years for just such an opportunity. On Monday, May 22nd, 2018, we were at the settlement table consummating one of the most important decisions of our ministry’s existence.

   In the meanwhile, throughout 2017, God had drawn our attention to a stunning piece of real estate in Middletown, Delaware which the transition leadership team fell so much in love with that they were soon calling it “The Harvest House”. A full year before that property would become owned by Liberty Church as the future home of our ministry, we were daily believing God for not only making a way for us to obtain it at a miraculous price (we ended up purchasing it for over 50% LESS THAN the original asking price), but for it to become a uniquely positioned to bring much healing and restoration to the lives of many families in our new explosively growing community of Middletown, Delaware.

        The very first monthly worship gathering to be held on this new property took place on Tuesday, February 5th, 2019.

       In the negotiations with the FOP, we discovered that they were intending to keep the church building in tact and to lease it out to churches as a means of positive cash flow to their organization. This miraculous turn of events soon led to an agreement whereby Liberty Church would pre-pay for 26 months of lease of the very building we designed and built and to then continue to worship in the same building we just sold, affording us several years to develop the vision God had begun to unfold for us at the new Middletown campus!

     We are excited for an emerging church culture that will be geared heavily toward community outreach and intentional relationship-building. This will be the ultimate “home” church for those whom God brings along to join us in this new chapter of church ministry! We will offer the sincere love of Jesus, a very unique church campus and many opportunities to connect and to serve both the Lord and a community of people whom Jesus loves so much that He came and gave His life to save them all!

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